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Escort Services: VIP clients

Escort Services: VIP clients

One of the most impressive options provided by escorts service agencies in Kiev, Ukraine is the so-called VIP services which have a variety of breathtaking opportunities that range from attending high level events, dinners, parties, cultural events such as concerts, art galleries, embassy holiday gatherings etc. There are several agencies in Kiev, Ukraine that specialize in providing VIP escort Kiev services which have available quite a few beautiful young ladies and girls speaking English and other foreign languages, have very good manners, and who often have degrees from prestigious Ukrainian universities. Furthermore, the VIPs enjoy a greater variety of services, with a possibility of having a personal driver with a decent car, arrangements for cultural events such as tickets to concerts, football games, private parties in the restaurants with well-trained English speaking security, and even private medical consultations if the need be. It should be also mentioned that all young ladies and girls employed in VIP escorts services in Kiev, Ukraine must regularly go through quite rigorous medical checks and tests in order to prevent transfer of job-related diseases and especially HIV. This matter is taken very seriously. Yet, the rules of the game remain pretty much the same.

In Kiev, Ukraine one should first enquire about the prices (which are much higher for VIP services) and explore the range of options available. Usually, escorts agencies tell their clients in no uncertain terms that the contract for services will include clearly defined options yet they will almost never have sex as a part stated in the “official” contract. One will be also told that the contract will also specify the “length of the working day” for young ladies or girls employed by the escorts service agency, and most likely the contract itself will acknowledge that whatever happens afterwards, is between “two consenting adults,” and that the agency has nothing to do with it and thus will bear no responsibility for possible consequences. Actually, in practice, this is absolutely true for respectable escorts agencies – no questions are asked of the client, and whatever happens between the young ladies or girls and a client after the “official working hours” remains their business only. One can only guess what happens between girls, ladies and escorts services afterwards, Ukraine sex tours, but client will never know. For better or worse.

Another issue here is of a psychological nature – the client, with a help of young ladies or girls should be able to establish a “normal” relationship which would allow forgetting, even if for a brief period of time, that this is only business for the girl. Otherwise, it would not be much fun for most of the clients who seek relaxation and who would really like to enjoy their time in Kiev, Ukraine, as much as possible.

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