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Rates of escort in Russia ladyUse humour. The escorts Moscow females possessing sense of humour, always makes impression attractive and nice. Do not miss this possibility never!
Express confidence of fruitfulness of the further contacts. Withthe interlocutor contact comes to the end smoothly, with motor – quickly and sharply. But anyway last phrase should be under construction by a principle: it is a pity to leave you, you have made upon me pleasant impression, I hope, it not last our meeting.
Is short sum up acquaintance, fix role mutual relations.
Some general councils about technics of conversation
Within the limits of the described technology (algorithm of mainstreams) is also escorts Moscow technics.

Here its main principles:
* Be able to listen to the interlocutor, and then already speak;
* Avoid to seem abstruse;
* Use concepts, lexicon and manners of the interlocutor;
* Do not criticise anybody, yet do not learn, who should be criticised;
* Not be boring, “do not load” escorts Moscow ladies the problems, at them the suffice;
* Smile, if it is pertinent;
* Join emotions of the interlocutor: silly to smile, if he cries, to rejoice, when it is angered;
* Pass to “universal values”, defects, a hobby;
* Do not break it “individual space” – it is at all healthy people;
* Watch reaction of the interlocutor and correct itself therein;
* Be not overzealous in all it.
Chapter 2
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Sex with Russian escort service models

Sex with Russia escort service modelsIgor, the stuntman, 34 years:
– All – a trick. For the majority of womensearch in the man or the husband, or the defender and the patron. At last, the fatal lover, capable to withdraw it from the Russian escort world of the daily ordinary. It depends on that is married it or not.
Therefore, getting acquainted with the next lady who has attracted to me, I start to address at once with it as with the child, playing thus a role of the solid, strong man, capable to become its patron.
Simply I get into the role Mikki Rourke from a film “Wild orchid”. A sliding sight, the quiet smile, a confident voice … All so is simple! It is necessary to watch changes in behaviour of the Russian escort girlfriend constantly only. The continuous sight, the expanded pupils – all tells it about genuine interest to your person.

My favourite reception isyou. It means that it already “goes” for you and it is time to conduct it in the necessary direction …
Here it is already possible to use the psychological receptions directed on strengthening of its erotic experiences. The main thing – to represent, as your desire is transferred to the Russian escort partner. I mentally iron it, I embrace, whole. I mentally cause in myself a bright erotic picture and this inwardness I transfer to it. I weigh – continuous desire. In a word, I inspire that the affinity is inevitable. But never thus I speak about the last sexual experience is does not say goodbye.

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