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Rates of escort in Russia ladyUse humour. The escorts Moscow females possessing sense of humour, always makes impression attractive and nice. Do not miss this possibility never!
Express confidence of fruitfulness of the further contacts. Withthe interlocutor contact comes to the end smoothly, with motor – quickly and sharply. But anyway last phrase should be under construction by a principle: it is a pity to leave you, you have made upon me pleasant impression, I hope, it not last our meeting.
Is short sum up acquaintance, fix role mutual relations.
Some general councils about technics of conversation
Within the limits of the described technology (algorithm of mainstreams) is also escorts Moscow technics.

Here its main principles:
* Be able to listen to the interlocutor, and then already speak;
* Avoid to seem abstruse;
* Use concepts, lexicon and manners of the interlocutor;
* Do not criticise anybody, yet do not learn, who should be criticised;
* Not be boring, “do not load” escorts Moscow ladies the problems, at them the suffice;
* Smile, if it is pertinent;
* Join emotions of the interlocutor: silly to smile, if he cries, to rejoice, when it is angered;
* Pass to “universal values”, defects, a hobby;
* Do not break it “individual space” – it is at all healthy people;
* Watch reaction of the interlocutor and correct itself therein;
* Be not overzealous in all it.
Chapter 2
Other escorts Moscow ladies only therefore fall in love that about love.
Francois La Rochefoucauld
Private life
There, where the love – whether is not present a place to prudence … Not so?
And still …
There are many certain waysin themselves whom it is necessary for a soul. How, however, to predict and own love …
But to begin with it is necessary to answer itself fairly: you agree, that you manipulated, or prefer to be the favourite of love victories?
Internal honesty – the first condition of success.
The second – purpose comprehension.
Alesya, the student, 17 years:
– I in despair!

I do not know what to do … Ninnies to me are not pleasant, and I am afraid of abrupt children. When “Mercedes” or “jeep” nearby brakes, at me knees start to shiver and the voice vanishes. All these “heaped up” children seem me insincere, in them so a lot of affected, it is so much ambitions! Russian escort models trust nobody, and to them to trust – simply silly. I met such cool guy two months – it carried me on night clubs, bars. And it was then found out that such as I, at it am some more … And all love it adore for manner and cheerful nature. And it manipulates the girl-friends as wants! And why escorts Moscow agency such pretty and perfect woman Irina?

Alina, the translator, 28 years:
– To lead each of four admirers in a string, I play four different roles.
Andrey missing, new sensations searching in escort life, I involve with a role of the journalist.

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