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Contact escort in Russia agency girlsI address to it as the Moscow escort woman with excellent sense of humour, with an optimistic view on Moscow escort life, sociable, independent, inquisitive, safely experimenting in the sex, preferring sports fashion.
Igor who conducts the active business escort life full of stresses, I take a role of the psychologist. With it I become laconic, serious, soft, understanding, able in any vital collision to find something lifting spirit. I try to create conditions having to revelation, about sex I speak as about certain east exotic. Fashion I choose the classical: I put on a long skirt, a blouse from a soft and expensive fabric, gold ornaments, shoes on a high heel.
Before Nikita – the succeeding man with the big ambitions – I act in a role of the business Moscow escort woman. Accordingly I choose clothes official style, a reserved make-up. I show it high vital activity, pragmatical outlook on escort life, independence, self-trust.
The fourth my admirer, Sergey, is simply created for quiet Moscow escort agencyrelations.

With it I turn to the child. On me usually bright youth clothes, set of bright accessories. I am full of romanticism, naiveties. All my hope – on support of the strong man: the saviour, the patron. I look at it the admired eyes, I listen, looking in a mouth.
I consider that each Moscow escort woman should be able to be different, interesting, attracting. read more →

What is Petting Like?

What is Petting Like?Petting is like a sex without actually sex. This is what common people, as well as professional Russian escort ladies, do every time during foreplay. This is like a way to stimulate the partner’s body with the help of your body, but without penetration. As opposite to generally accepted position, Moscow escort girls tell, that petting is enough to make partner come.

Here you can start with ordinary kisses and embracement, while then moving to more sophisticated stroking. As Moscow escort girls admit, the big advantage of petting is that you can stimulate a few zones at a time. read more →

The Variations of Making Sex in Standing Position

The Variations of Making Sex in Standing PositionMen like to have sex everywhere, including places where there is no bed or even a chair. So being aware of standing poses is a big bonus, and Moscow escort ladies often use them when pleasuring clients in the most unexpected places.

The benefit of such positions is also that it is not necessary to take of the clothes, especially if a Moscow escort girl is in a dress or a skirt. So here we have the most popular standing positions for sex.
One of them is positions with man behind. For successful and fast penetration Moscow escort girls recommend women to lean slightly forward and stand on the tips. The best variant if a woman has somewhat to hold on to. Moscow escort girls say this will allow to do it for a long time without big tension. read more →

Russian escorts

The first thing that foreign tourists are interested in when they come to Russia is Russian girls. Rich and imposing men are looking for Moscow escorts who can not only accompany them during their stay in Moscow, but also spend nights and give sexual pleasure. Nowadays, Moscow escort service is highly developed, and a man can find a Russian escort to his taste and sexual preferences. No doubt, you will never forget your pastime in Moscow with one of beautiful Moscow escorts. They are not cheap road prostitutes. ladies are educated and trained and resemble Japanese geishas. They know how to hold conversation, how to behave properly and how to give a client pleasure he wants. read more →